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Six Sigma

Irenic Consulting Group uses Six Sigma methodologies for

  • Process Efficiencies
  • Cost reduction
  • Customer retention
  • Cycle-time reduction
  • Defect reduction
  • Increasing profitability

Six Sigma is a methodology for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success. Six Sigma is driven by a close understanding of customer needs. It involves a disciplined use of facts and data, to improve the quality of existing processes or products by identifying and reducing or eliminating the causes of defects (errors) and variation. Each Six Sigma project within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has quantified financial targets (cost reduction or profit increase).

Irenic Consulting Group utilizes the five-phase DMAIC project methodology to implement Six Sigma projects including:

1. Define the problem, the voice of the customer, and the project goals, specifically.

2. Measure key aspects of the current process and collect relevant data.

3. Analyze the data to investigate and verify cause-and-effect relationships. Determine what the relationships are, and attempt to ensure that all factors have been considered. Seek out root cause of the defect under investigation.

4. Improve or optimize the current process based upon data analysis using techniques such as design of experiments, poka yoke or mistake proofing, and standard work to create a new, future state process. Set up pilot runs to establish process capability.

5. Control the future state process to ensure that any deviations from target are corrected before they result in defects. Implement control systems such as statistical process control, visual workplaces, and continuously monitor the process.


Irenic Consulting Group also utilizes Lean techniques based on the Toyota Production System that focuses on the elimination of waste, efficient production and collaborative teamwork at all levels of the organization.